Frequently Asked questions


  • How do I know if this program will help me to recover my MP4 video?

You can try "MP4XtraAtomRemover", if there is no "Xtra" field to remove, it will tell you (your source file is never modified so there is no risk).


If you prefer, you can use a Freeware like "MediaInfo" to see if your video file contains a "Xtra" field. It it does,  "MP4XtraAtomRemover" can probably help to recover the video file content.


  • Why did my MP4 file got corrupted?

It is hard to say. I suspect a bug of Microsoft Windows. In my case, it was on Microsoft Windows 7 and the problem happened while renaming a MP4 file.


On some forums, some people are saying that it is "wmpnetwk.exe" (Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service) that is writing and corrupting the files but I can't confirm.


  • Is there a risk to corrupt further my MP4 file?

No, your source file is never modified so there is no risk. The work is done on a copy of your file.


  • I've got many video on my HDD. How can I find the corrupted ones without viewing all of them one by one?

Good question: I have had the same problem and here is what I have done.

In a Windows Explorer, I searched for every ".MP4" files. The good ones show a small overview of the video whereas the bad one only show the logo of the video player (VLC in my case).




  • Is this freeware limited?

"MP4XtraAtomRemoveris free and without any limitation. You can use it on as many video as you want and without limitation of time.


I have chosen to make this program available for free. If it helps you to recover some important video, you can make a donation through paypal. Please send me a message with your experience about this program, I would be so happy to have feedbacks about it!


  • Is it safe to Donate through PayPal

Yes, the payment is done through the PayPal website with a secure protocol used every day by millions of people. Our website will not be involved so we can't know your payment details (and we don't want ;o)


  • Can I make a donation by credit card?

Yes, you can.

You can make a donation:

  • with a Paypal account if you have one 


  • with a credit card

In both cases, the payment is done (and secured) by PayPal.


  • What can I do if the program doesn't fix my issue?

First I'm sorry for that. There can be many kind of MP4 file corruption and "MP4XtraAtomRemover" targets one of them. 


I suggest you to install "MediaInfo" and to check if it contains an "Xtra" field. 

If it does, I would be interested to get your video to see if I can fix it. If you wish, you can share your video with me (by Dropbox or WeTransfer) and I can have a look.

In that case, please tell me how the corruption happened (it can help me for the investigation).